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Heart Insight - My Approach

My Approach

I provide a warm and safe environment where you feel heard and gradually build trust to form a therapeutic relationship based on honesty positive regard and integrity. I do offer encouragement for you to open up and speak freely of whatever arises in your mind.

My approach is non-directive so you will be having an active role in the session and using the time to address what is important to you in your own way.  I acknowledge the force of adverse life events for healing, thus I will be working from individual resilience and strength.


We tend to form the sense of ourselves much conditioned by educational, cultural and religious norms. Throughout life, our body and mind systems develop coping strategies to deal with imbalance, the pain and suffering we experience in the world. However, although those coping strategies may have a function to adapt or conform, it may work to numb the pain for a while, they are not helpful long-term. In order to reach the root of the problem we might need to work at the core of it.


You may need to reevaluate your belief system, which can sometimes be challenging. 

How do I work 


Initially, we will meet over the phone for 15 minutes to find out if we can work together.

First session  -  Assessment

We will be working collaboratively and discussing goals for therapy, I will be gathering some information about you and your personal circumstances to ensure you receive the best support possible.

What do I offer

  • Counselling Short and long-term  for individual adults 

  • Currently only online sessions

  • Weekly session, each session takes between 50 - 60 minutes via Zoom

  • Concession spaces (limited) are available if you are in low-income and unable to pay the standard rate.

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