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Counselling/Psychotherapy is one form of psychological therapy to treat afflicted mental states of the mind. 

Psychological distress can assume different forms:

· It can manifest as a current difficulty- family or work-related that may prevent you from experiencing life in more satisfying ways.


· Under specific circumstances (you might be more or less aware)  some form of discomfort may arise, leaving you experiencing solid feelings such as anger, sadness or something else you don't know how to verbalise.


· It is possible that you might be living with feelings of shame, guilt, and feeling alone and hopeless


·. You might struggle in forming new relationships or maintaining current ones.


· You might find yourself living in a recurrent pattern of behaviour or life events despite your efforts to change.


· You might be struggling with the loss or grief of a person or something else.


· You might be going through menopause and having to deal with changes in mind and body.


· You might think you have dealt with something from the past but find relapsing and old stuff returning.


- You might have a physical or mental health condition and struggle to cope with it, in addition to other support you might receive.


those are some of the signs that you could benefit from therapy.

“Perhaps we cannot control life its own course but we can learn to respond to what happens to us, we can grow from it and  find new ways of being, discover  greater ways of loving and  almost  unexpectedly enjoy real  peace  within"

Some of the issues I can help you with:




Life Dilemmas 


Interpersonal relationships



Social Phobias



Trauma, sexual abuse, childhood domestic violence,

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